05:01 – Intro / Members perks
08:48 Council updates
15:56 – Allied arts – Craig Squires on Yo Yo’s
25:45 – Book it – Richard Pinner
29:14 – Members magic – Bruce Kalver
37:05 – TMC Vault – Kevin Reay
53:06 – Outro

This week TMC TV presents the first GAME NIGHT!

Game night is a new featured episode for TMC TV and this week sees members of our council in “Let’s get Quizacal”.

05:01 – Intro
06:10 – Members’ Musings – Naomi Paxton
12:25 – Members Magic – Paul Gordon – Slap the aces
21:28 – Flourish – Darren Smith
22:45 – Rabbit and Revelations – Richard Essien
28:32 – Allied Arts – Florian Brooks – Bounce Balls
31:09 – Book It – Nikola Arkane
36:48 – Magic History – Ian Keable – Extinguisher Trick
47:30 – The Vault – Diamond Jubilee
57:46 – Final bits

This lecture is brand new and includes four fun routines that have not been widely released and are normally part of my private workshops.

The theme is interactivity and all of these routines will get your audience involved and engaged, no matter the venue.

These routines are great for online shows plus with a few changes that I will cover, will also be strong for live in person shows.

Plus, I’m going to throw in some bonus ideas tricks and moves that I hope will get your creative ideas flowing.

05:01 – Intro
06:02 – Council updates
08:48 – Rabbit and Revelations – David Redfern
14:53 – Craft Corner – Matt Pritchard – Optical illusions
23:28 – Members magic – Andi Gladwin – Monte Python
33:17 – The Circular – Tony Davies – Love match
44:01 – The Vault – David Nixon/Ray Alan/Paul Daniels
55:24 – Final bits

05:01 – Intro
05:53 – Members Magic – Sylvia Sceptre (Careena Fenton) – Thirteen for dinner
08:50 – The Circular – Benjamin Levy
13:16 – Book it – Andi Gladwin
21:10 – Members Musings – Eva May Nicot
30:52 – Members Magic – Jamie Scott
56:10 – The Vault – James Randi
01:07:59 – Final bits

05: 01 – Intro
This weeks TMC TV is a follow on to a video created by Stuart Scott on episode 9 (from 18th May 2020).
Following lots of great feedback, we have asked Stuart back to shows us more of the virtual tour that was originally put together by Bob Read.

Mike Powers has been creating and performing magic for over 30 years. Mike is the author of four books on sleight of hand magic – Powerful Magic (1983), Top Secret Stuff (1990), Power Plays (2006) and Tesseract (2019). Power Plays was voted book of the year on the Magic Café and was runner up on Magic Industry Awards. His creations have appeared in all the major magazines as well as in Paul Harris’ “A Close Up Kinda Guy.”

Mike has performed for many years as a close-up magician with much experience in restaurant work. He has also been an invited performer at the famous Magic Castle in Hollywood and has lectured and worked at magic conventions and clubs all over the U.S., Canada and around the world. Mike currently writes the “Card Corner” column The Linking Ring. In 2019 Mike will be the guest of honor at the prestigious Fechter’s Finger Flicking Frolic.

Mike’s “Tesseract” lecture involves mostly close-up magic with cards, coins, rubber bands, rings and other ordinary objects, although a couple of items are suitable for platform and stage. Most of the material is accessible to the average magician but there might be a “move monkey” item or two as well.

05:01 – Intro
06:32 – Council Update – Mark Shortland
09:47 – Rabbit & Revelation – MYSTERY GUEST
16:33 – Members’ Musings – David Wood – Kids magic
29:06 – Members Magic – Matthew Garrett – Linking rings
38:21 – Members Musings – Dale Salwak
56:40 – The Vault – Cannon and Ball
01:03:31 – Final bits

Join us for a Speed Quiz, hosted by Stu Turner.

A real mixture of questions, including pictures, music, an observation round, and of course plenty of magic stuff!