The Magic Circle

The Magic Circle is the world’s most famous magic society.

We have over 1,700 members worldwide including many top magicians, like David Copperfield, Dynamo, Jamie Raven, Fay Presto, Richard Jones, Debbie McGee and Magic Bones. Our famous names extend beyond the top professionals to include King Charles III, Stephen Fry, Nigel Mansell – and Sooty. Our members come from all walks of life – all brought together by a passion for magic.

The art of magic

Founded in 1905, the purpose of The Magic Circle is to promote and advance the art of magic.

Magicians have to prove their skill to gain entry and give their word to abide by our Latin motto (Indocilis private loqui) which translates as “not apt to disclose secrets”.

Magic Headquarters

But while we keep secrets, we are not a secret society. Far from it – our wonderful headquarters near Euston opens to the public for shows, visits and talks.

Visitors can explore our building with its intimate theatre and rooms of magic paraphernalia from a Houdini strait jacket to the shoes in which Dynamo walked across the Thames.

It really is a fascinating place.

Our magical world

But on Monday evenings that’s when we keep secrets to just ourselves at the headquarters. Members get together to swap tricks, listen to a lecture, browse the extensive library, learn something new – or just hang out.

However most of the time our magicians are out entertaining audiences or friends at private and corporate events both in theatres, restaurants, bars, function rooms and homes around the world.

Please look around to get a sense of our world