Take your comedy and your magic to the next level! Harrison Greenbaum is one of the most in-demand comedians and magicians on the planet, “a favorite young star on the comedy scene” (NY Times) and “the hardest-working man in comedy” (Time Out NY). On television, Harrison has been featured on shows like America’s Got Talent, Last Comic Standing, and Conan; on stage, he is also one of the stars of The Illusionists: Direct from Broadway, the biggest-selling magic show in history.

Harrison’s lecture, “You Are All Terrible,” is based on his popular column for Genii and has been a hit around the world. Harrison takes all the lessons he’s learned as internationally-headlining stand-up comedian and magician and shows how their application will not just make you funnier but a better performer and artist overall. Discover why the way you’re creating magic is completely backwards, learn the 3 simple rules that will make every joke you write funnier, and master the single formula stand-up comedians already know for crafting a completely bullet-proof set or routine! You’ll laugh a lot, you’ll learn a lot, and you’ll probably do a third thing! (Bonus: you’ll finally find out the origin of “the Rule of 3” and how to maximize its use!)

05:01 – Intro
06:26 – Rabbit and Revelations – Chris Dodd
12:57 – Allied Arts – John Archer – Colourisation process
25:18 – Members Musings – Chris Cox
49:43 – Members Magic – Richard Pinner – Zoom Deck Production
41:46 – History – Ian Keable on the Bonus Genius
53:39 – Vault – Geoffrey Buckingham
55:49 – Final Bits

05:01 – Intro -Megan Knowles-Bacon
06:38 – Council updates – Robert Pound
10:14 – TMC Tips – Finding past videos – Pete James
15:18 – Flourish – Darren Delaney
22:49 – Creativity – Behind the scenes of TMC TV – The TMC TV team
29:25 – Members musings – Sarah Stott
33:15 – Virtual HQ highlights -Rodney James Piper
42:49 – Members Magic – Lee Hathaway
58:53 – Members Musings – Noel Britten – The past year
01:07:03 – The Vault – Tommy Cooper
01:11:06 – Final bits

In a unique lecture, especially written for the members of TMC, Paul will outline and share many of his unique creations. He will also share the lecture with special guests and columnists from Vanish Magazine.

Howard Hamburg had been an underground card man and it was his friend of 43 years, Johnny Thompson, who suggested he should share his experiences and relationships with the greats of magic (who became his close friends) such as Dai Vernon, Charlie Miller, Michael Skinner, Jimmy Grippo, Frances Carlyle, Tony Giorgio and numerous others — and interspersed throughout the stories he would perform effects with explanations, as well as share some of his techniques and general thoughts relating to magic.

“I have lectured in over 20 countries and every lecture I have presented, attendees have mentioned that for a brief moment, they felt they were sitting with The Professor and myself at the Vernon table at the Magic Castle. I am always very touched when this is expressed to me.”

Come join the living legend, Howard Hamburg AIMC with a Silver Star, as he astonishes the fellow members of The Magic Circle on Zoom on 29th March 2021.

05:01 – Intro – Megan Knowles-Bacon
06:09 – Magician in a mask – Marc Lavelle + MYSTERY GUEST
07:31 – Rabbit and Revelations – MYSTERY GUEST
13:39 – Members Magic – Kevin Goodwin
25:33 – Show and tell – Maria Cork – Star Wars special effects
35:32 – Creativity – Marc Lavelle – Making a deck of cards
43:02 – Craft corner – John Morton – close up table
49:02 – Members musing – Matthew Le Mottée – Fitzkee types of magic
01:00:52 – Magician in a mask – Reveal
01:01:20 – The Vault – Aldo Colombini
01:11:39 – Final bits

05:01 – Intro – Megan Knowles-Bacon
06:02 – Rabbit and revelations – Mystery guest
12:17 – Easter Special – Nathan Ward
14:58 – In conversation – George Kovari
20:20 – Craft Corner – Paul Aitchison
25:02 – In conversation – Rudy Coby
38:53 – Members musings – Noel Qualter – Fool us advice
44:33 – Members magic – Wayne Dobson & Ringo
48:25 – Craft Corner – Megumi – Kirigami rabbit
53:12 – Members magic – Oliver Tabor
01:00:42 – The Vault – Johnny Thompson
01:06:51 – Final bits