Council Updates
Members Musings – Will Huston / Matt Field
Craft Corner – Napkin elf boot – Megumi
Members magic – Alan Hudson
Craft corner – Optical Illusions 2 – Matt Pritchard
Craft corner – Card box – Maria Cork
The Vault – David and Dania
Final bits

Come and join us on 21st December for ‘Misdirection Detection’ a Christmas panel show special! 🎅🏻🎄

Join us on the Zoom call of the year! Where Two teams of Magicians will be battling it out to determine who is best at hiding truths and telling lies!

Watch as the teams attempt to separate facts from fiction like oil and water, and who will have yet another reason to put ‘award winning’ on their website.

The talented Mark James should be well known to all members of The Magic Circle. His updated Zoom lecture will be about different genres of magic. He will talk about: Chop Cup, Silk to Egg, Billiard Balls, Ten Cards to Pocket, Q&A, Utility Envelopes, Multiplying Bottles, Blindfold Book Test and more. Whether you do Stage Magic, Parlour Magic or Close up Magic, you should definitely find something of interest in his lecture.

05:01 – Intro
06:21 – Rabbit & Revelations – Magic Singh
11:57 – Members magic – Bob King – Topical wild card routine
15:55 – Flourish – Darren Delaney – New years resolutions
19:15 – Craft Corner – Steve Rowe – Gaffa tape deck holder
27:34 – Members’ Musings – Andrew Van Buren – Reminiscing about Robert Harbin
45:04 – Creativity – Andy Stone – Augmented Reality
47:45 – The Vault – TMC at Chenies Mews
01:00:02 – Final Bits

05:01 – Intro
08:28 – Council updates – Megan Knowles-Bacon
11:13 – Members magic – Steel ball and tube – Bruce Smith
25:29 – Book it – Jon Allen
31:13 – Magic history – Side show illusions – Jon Marshall
46:16 – The Circular – Matthew Le Mottée
01:01:07 – The Vault – Linking rings – Ken Brooke
01:07:10 – Final Bits

Magician and Variety Artist Carisa Hendrix is a 8-time Award-Winning Entertainer featured in the Guinness Book of World Records (2014), Ripley’s Believe it or Not (2015) and the star of the Super Channel documentary Carisa Hendrix: Girl on Fire, which tells the true story behind her 2016 Las Vegas magic show. Recipient of the prestigious Allan Slaight award and recently nominated for Stage Magician of the Year at the Magic Castle, Hendrix is best known for her beloved comedy magic character Lucy Darling. With Lucy and a host of her other characters, Hendrix has been delighting audiences internationally for the past 16 years with her signature blend of classy, sassy comedy entertainment.

Hendrix is also the co-host of the Shezam Podcast, a weekly feminist podcast about the world of magic and variety entertainment.

In this lecture on close-up magic, Josh will cover some of his work using phones, bank notes, and more, along with some brand new, never-before-seen pieces. Additionally, Josh will peel back the curtain on the tools he uses to create the gaffs and gimmicks that have become his signature visual style. You’ll walk away learning magic that is both visual and highly practical.

“Josh thinks outside of the warehouse where they make all the boxes. His patience in pursuing paths that most would give up on is something that we magicians can all benefit from.” – Garrett Thomas

05:01 – Intro
06:12 – Members Musings – Louise Andrée Douglas
11:34 – Rabbit and Revelations – Billy Reid
17:25 – Members Magic – Confabulation routine – Elliot Bibby
22:36 – In Conversation – Mark Fisken
26:59 – Members Magic – Mandy Fletcher and Moira Fletcher
31:30 – Members Musings – Alan Maskell
36:52 – Members Stories – Cammy Gibson
40:08 – Members Magic – Bill Seagraves
45:44 – Members Musings – Peter McLanachan
51:23 – Members Magic – Paul Nardini
01:04:10 – Vault – Pat Page
01:06:07 – Final Bits

Sean Heydon has been performing in some of the world’s most prestigious venues for A-list celebrities and blue chip companies for over 15 years now with his unique style of madcap comedy and magic.

Sean has many television credits to his name including Britain’s Got Talent, Soccer AM on SKY ONE and for three seasons he was the resident magician on The Paul O’Grady Show on Channel 4.

Sean Heydon’s online lecture kicks off with an incredibly strong and deceptive interactive magic trick perfect for the Zoom Magician. Sean reveals the real secrets behind some of his most acclaimed card effects and how his routines are constructed. Presented in a fun and informative style, this is a lecture not to be missed.

05:01 – Intro – Megan Knowles-Bacon
06:14 – Council updates – Noel Britten
10:01 – Members magic – Love Heart routine – Sean Taylor
17:01 – Book it – Garrett Thomas
20:38 – Craft corner – Valentines origami – Steve and Megumi Biddle
25:56 – Members magic – Vanishing Bird Cage – Rob James
36:38 – Members Musings – Christopher Howell
46:46 – Craft Corner – Kirigami cards – Jeremy Tan
51:08 – Vault – David Roth
59:08 – Final Bits