Membership benefits

Here are a few reasons why you really should think about joining our ranks.

Why joining The Magic Circle is worth it

Over 1,500 men and women around the world enjoy the benefits of being a member of the world’s most famous magic society. Not all are professionals – hobbyists and students of magic are equally welcome.

What magician has not been asked whether they are a member of The Magic Circle? To some, being able to say that they really are a member, put the letters MMC after their name and use a personal email address is enough.

But the benefits go much further than that whether you live in or near London, further afield or outside the UK. Many events and lectures are streamed live, members have their own exclusive Facebook page, an exclusive magazine – and there is The Magic Circle’s very own TV programme.

The London headquarters

The fabulous purpose-built building is open to members on regular club nights, nearly every Monday. With its intimate 162 seat theatre, clubroom and bar, its museum and its library, and the Devant Room lecture and performance space, it really is a centre for the magic arts – and fun. On club nights, usually a Monday, members meet, socialise and session, learn from a lecture from a top magician – or just hang out and enjoy the building which is packed to the brim with memorabilia and one of the world’s best collections of magic posters. People may think it’s a secret society but you’ll be amazed how generous members are with their time and expertise. And when the magic stars are in town they often pop by. Imagine David Williamson asking you to show him what you’re working on. No pressure!

The Library

Our library houses one of the world’s most complete collection of magic books and periodicals. On Monday club nights, and earlier in the day, you can come in and study or take a book out on loan. There are over 6,000 items (and no, you can’t take the rare first edition of The Discoverie of Witchcraft, the first magic book written in English, home with you). There is often a Monday night event where a book is discussed and tricks from it are informally performed upstairs in the Devant Room.

Exclusive Magazine

The Magic Circular is a glossy, full colour monthly magazine available in print and online. It has news, reviews and articles on history, interviews with performers and explanations of tricks. You can browse every previous copy online back to its first edition in 1906 – a real history of magic.

Learn to be a better magician

The Magic Circle prides itself on hosting more lectures, by the world’s finest magicians, than most other magic organisations and the vast majority are streamed live on a Monday night for those unable to attend in person – and then available to watch later.

Master classes are often run on Monday afternoons in the headquarters in London.


The Magic Circle’s own TV show, live streamed on our Facebook page has become a permanent feature. Members perform tricks, share crafting skills and tips and are kept up to date on society news.

There’s a delve into the archives to find fascinating footage from the past and some of the top magicians discuss what they have been doing – or what they are doing next. If you miss it ‘live’ you can always catch up later. All editions are archived.

If you want to know more – and perhaps take the next step – then please get in touch at or fill in the application form