Guidelines for Marking

How the entrance exams are marked at
The Magic Circle

Three examiners mark candidates out of 20 in each of the two areas below. Candidates must earn at least 12 marks, from at least two of the examiners, in both areas – magical ability and technique, and presentation – to gain MMC and at least 18 marks to gain AIMC. However, depending on how and where candidates are being examined the number of examiners who have to give a pass mark differs.

Here are the differences:

  • Candidates being examined on Club Night or on a live Zoom feed – two of the three examiners must give a pass mark
  • Candidates performing a stage show at an Ali Bongo show – two out of three examiners must give a pass mark.
  • For all other examinations, for instance via DVD or writing a thesis – all three examiners must give a pass mark.

If an examiner judges that a candidate is so proficient in one area that they should be accepted as MMC, or AIMC, despite failing in the other area, they can make that recommendation on the mark form.

(Out of 20)
  • Effects were performed with little fumbling although a lack of confidence was evident
  • Although secrets were not exposed it was clear at times that something had been done
  • Prop management was sometimes untidy and there was little evidence of routining
  • The delivery was unsure and there was several dead spots
  • Spectators were handled courteously but instructions to them were not always clear
  • Presentation and patter were not original and no consistent personality was evident
12 M.M.C.
  • Effects were performed without fumbling although there might be signs of nervousness
  • Misdirection, sleights and moves were used effectively
  • There was an attempt to move away from standard presentations and patter
  • A fairly confident delivery with few, if any, dead sports, presenting a likeable personality
  • The audience as a whole was acknowledged and volunteers put at ease
  • Thought had been given to routining the effects which built to a natural climax
  • Effects were performed confidently without visible signs of nervousness
  • Moves and sleights were covered by natural movements and gestures
  • Routining was good with a natural climax and with applause cues clearly pointed
  • A confident delivery with no dead spots
  • The audience as a whole was engaged and unexpected comments handled competently
  • Presentation and patter was rehearsed and matched the personality
18 A.I.M.C.
  • Effects were performed effortlessly and with great confidence
  • Sleights, moves, misdirection and timing were second nature
  • Routining was excellent –the effects flowed in a polished professional manner
  • A very confident delivery without arrogance –a sense of enjoyment was conveyed
  • Good audience engagement with unexpected comments handled confidently
  • Presentation, patter and appearance matched a consistent performing persona