For over 50 years, Bruce Kalver has been in the magic business entertaining in theaters, cruise ships and every living room in Rhode Island where there was a birthday party. His teacher and grandfather, was a builder and secret assistant for Houdini.

Bruce is well known amongst magicians as something of a tech guru who finds ways to use technology to aid his magic. His lectures are always a sell out at S.A.M. conventions and his Tech Tricks column is the first thing that many people go to in MUM magazine. You may know him for his Growing and Shrinking Head Spiral and his grandfather, Samuel Woolf’s Two Person Code.

Bruce created a special edition of his virtual lecture just for The Magic Circle. Filled with tech tricks, magic explanations, stories, and theory, there is something for everyone. His virtual lecture includes a free lecture note sheet that can be downloaded after the presentation.

RICARDO T. Rosenkranz, MD, AIMC with Silver Star presents: Physician Magician: House Call

As early as April 2020, Ricardo Rosenkranz began exploring the pivot to zoom magic within the context of a long form show. In the summer of 2020 he premiered, Physician Magician: House Call, an hour-long interactive zoom magic show. The show has been performed regularly since then for audiences of 25 screens.

House Call is an exploration of magic throughout the lens of Dr. Rosenkranz’s childhood experiences when doctors used to visit the home. It’s also a reflection of the challenges we are facing during this pandemic year.

Chris Jones of the Chicago Tribune said, “Makes your spirit yearn to heal itself. Well worth seeing! A sophisticated affair”

Larry Hass, Dean of the McBride Magic and Mystery School said, “Ricardo uses his experience in both Medicine and Magic to offer us a highly topical show that is unafraid to face the moment we are all living, Ricardo goes…there. House Call brings all of us a measure of healing through magic and narrative.”

Teller of Penn & Teller Fame said the following about Dr. Rosenkranz’s stage show, “The Rosenkranz Mysteries:
“The Rosenkranz Mysteries is like spending a cozy evening with your jovial doctor – who just happens to command some of the rarest and most beautiful illusions in the world. The show is an elegant soiree, a fireside chat entwined with brain-busting mysteries, conjured by a physician/magician, who sees the world through the double lens of medicine and magic. While there are plenty of mindboggling “how the hecks?” there’s also an authenticity about Dr. Rosenkranz that makes his trickery ring like truth”

Ricardo Rosenkranz, AIMC with Silver Performing Star is an award winning Doctor and Assistant Professor at Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine. He has developed the innovative Medicine and Magic Course Humanities course for first and second year medical students. The course is in its 13th year of existence.

A longtime student of Eugene Burger, Ricardo Rosenkranz is proud to be a full time faculty member of McBride’s Magic and Mystery School in Las Vegas. This year he has taught seminars on Zoom Magic, Medicine and Magic, Long Format Magic shows, and Science of Magic. Dr. Rosenkranz has been profiled in Genii, Vanish, and Magic, as well as the Chicago Tribune. WGN TV profiled Dr. Rosenkranz as one of “Chicago’s very own”, and ABC calls him a “Chicagoan you need to know”. Dr. Rosenkranz has had two highly successful extended runs at The Royal George Theater, in Chicago. He is a regular performer at The World Famous Magic Castle, in Los Angeles.

Ricardo cherishes his time with members of The Magic Circle and always looks forward to his brief but joyous time in London at The Magic Circle Headquarters. For this lecture, he will perform the full zoom show Physician Magician: House Call followed by a lecture and Q & A on selected magical technique, technology, and lessons learned in creating this six camera long format show.

This lecture is brand new and includes four fun routines that have not been widely released and are normally part of my private workshops.

The theme is interactivity and all of these routines will get your audience involved and engaged, no matter the venue.

These routines are great for online shows plus with a few changes that I will cover, will also be strong for live in person shows.

Plus, I’m going to throw in some bonus ideas tricks and moves that I hope will get your creative ideas flowing.

Mike Powers has been creating and performing magic for over 30 years. Mike is the author of four books on sleight of hand magic – Powerful Magic (1983), Top Secret Stuff (1990), Power Plays (2006) and Tesseract (2019). Power Plays was voted book of the year on the Magic Café and was runner up on Magic Industry Awards. His creations have appeared in all the major magazines as well as in Paul Harris’ “A Close Up Kinda Guy.”

Mike has performed for many years as a close-up magician with much experience in restaurant work. He has also been an invited performer at the famous Magic Castle in Hollywood and has lectured and worked at magic conventions and clubs all over the U.S., Canada and around the world. Mike currently writes the “Card Corner” column The Linking Ring. In 2019 Mike will be the guest of honor at the prestigious Fechter’s Finger Flicking Frolic.

Mike’s “Tesseract” lecture involves mostly close-up magic with cards, coins, rubber bands, rings and other ordinary objects, although a couple of items are suitable for platform and stage. Most of the material is accessible to the average magician but there might be a “move monkey” item or two as well.

The talented Mark James should be well known to all members of The Magic Circle. His updated Zoom lecture will be about different genres of magic. He will talk about: Chop Cup, Silk to Egg, Billiard Balls, Ten Cards to Pocket, Q&A, Utility Envelopes, Multiplying Bottles, Blindfold Book Test and more. Whether you do Stage Magic, Parlour Magic or Close up Magic, you should definitely find something of interest in his lecture.

Magician and Variety Artist Carisa Hendrix is a 8-time Award-Winning Entertainer featured in the Guinness Book of World Records (2014), Ripley’s Believe it or Not (2015) and the star of the Super Channel documentary Carisa Hendrix: Girl on Fire, which tells the true story behind her 2016 Las Vegas magic show. Recipient of the prestigious Allan Slaight award and recently nominated for Stage Magician of the Year at the Magic Castle, Hendrix is best known for her beloved comedy magic character Lucy Darling. With Lucy and a host of her other characters, Hendrix has been delighting audiences internationally for the past 16 years with her signature blend of classy, sassy comedy entertainment.

Hendrix is also the co-host of the Shezam Podcast, a weekly feminist podcast about the world of magic and variety entertainment.

In this lecture on close-up magic, Josh will cover some of his work using phones, bank notes, and more, along with some brand new, never-before-seen pieces. Additionally, Josh will peel back the curtain on the tools he uses to create the gaffs and gimmicks that have become his signature visual style. You’ll walk away learning magic that is both visual and highly practical.

“Josh thinks outside of the warehouse where they make all the boxes. His patience in pursuing paths that most would give up on is something that we magicians can all benefit from.” – Garrett Thomas

Sean Heydon has been performing in some of the world’s most prestigious venues for A-list celebrities and blue chip companies for over 15 years now with his unique style of madcap comedy and magic.

Sean has many television credits to his name including Britain’s Got Talent, Soccer AM on SKY ONE and for three seasons he was the resident magician on The Paul O’Grady Show on Channel 4.

Sean Heydon’s online lecture kicks off with an incredibly strong and deceptive interactive magic trick perfect for the Zoom Magician. Sean reveals the real secrets behind some of his most acclaimed card effects and how his routines are constructed. Presented in a fun and informative style, this is a lecture not to be missed.

Take your comedy and your magic to the next level! Harrison Greenbaum is one of the most in-demand comedians and magicians on the planet, “a favorite young star on the comedy scene” (NY Times) and “the hardest-working man in comedy” (Time Out NY). On television, Harrison has been featured on shows like America’s Got Talent, Last Comic Standing, and Conan; on stage, he is also one of the stars of The Illusionists: Direct from Broadway, the biggest-selling magic show in history.

Harrison’s lecture, “You Are All Terrible,” is based on his popular column for Genii and has been a hit around the world. Harrison takes all the lessons he’s learned as internationally-headlining stand-up comedian and magician and shows how their application will not just make you funnier but a better performer and artist overall. Discover why the way you’re creating magic is completely backwards, learn the 3 simple rules that will make every joke you write funnier, and master the single formula stand-up comedians already know for crafting a completely bullet-proof set or routine! You’ll laugh a lot, you’ll learn a lot, and you’ll probably do a third thing! (Bonus: you’ll finally find out the origin of “the Rule of 3” and how to maximize its use!)

In a unique lecture, especially written for the members of TMC, Paul will outline and share many of his unique creations. He will also share the lecture with special guests and columnists from Vanish Magazine.