Unbelievable cast and crew invited to become Apprentices

16 December 2023

The entire cast and crew of the West End magic show, Unbelievable – in which actors perform illusions, slight-of-hand and mind-reading – have been invited to become apprentices at The Magic Circle. It is the first step to becoming a member of the society.

The invitation has come from Marvin Berglas, the President of The Magic Circle, who said: “Congratulation to the entire staff of Unbelievable. Despite having little or no previous formal training in the art of magic, they all demonstrated considerable dedication, talent and passion for our art through their wonderful performances. As the President of The Magic Circle I extend on behalf of our council , an invitation to become Apprentices of the The Magic Circle and hope that their love of magic will continue to grow and flourish.”

Andy Nyman, co-director and writer of Unbelievable and a member of The Magic Circle said: “When myself, Andrew and Derren saw the dedication, love and skill the cast brought to learning and performing magic, it felt only right that they should take the next step and be honoured by becoming Apprentices of the Magic Circle. We can’t wait to see what their next steps in the art will be.”

The cast and crew were presented with their invitation by Marvin Berglas on stage at the end of the show on Friday, December 15. Unbelievable is at The Criterion Theatre in London until January 7.

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