The Magic Circle Benevolent Fund

The Magic Circle Benevolent Fund and Welfare Team help members of The Magic Circle and their families who are in need, with emotional, practical or financial support.

Each year the Welfare Officer and Team are contacted by between 50 and 100 members in need, or by their families; sometimes just once, but often over a period of time.

“Thank you for all the help and support you gave us. It made a massive difference when we really needed it.”

The Magic Circle Benevolent Fund is a registered charity (No: 222408) that relies entirely on the generosity of donors and volunteers, which means our vital work is “all done by kindness”.

There are lots of ways that you can help, perhaps by donating some time, money or even unwanted magic tricks!

DONATE Setting up a regular or one-off donation takes less than a minute and ensures that members in need can be supported when it matters most. A monthly donation of just £3 from every TMC member would help us reach our fundraising target this year. Or if you are a professional magician, what better way to support fellow magicians in need than by putting on a show? Please consider donating the fee from one single show this year here.

“The quiet, unsung work of the Wefare Team is one of the most important parts of our club. As magicians, we are part of an international family and helping others when we can, is one of the most magical things we can do.”

VOLUNTEER We need more volunteers. Can you offer advice or support to a fellow member? Could you become a regional visitor? Are you willing to collect magic tricks or books occasionally from donors in your area?
Please email Roger Curtis to find out more. We would love to hear from you.

“Being a regional visitor is brilliant. Older members have amazing stories and secrets from their life in magic. It feels great to be helping and I always learn something too!”

DONATING PROPS. From a single trick to a lifetime’s collection of magic, your unwanted props, books or other items of magical interest could really help the Benevolent Fund. Items are sold at the club night Flea Market, or at auction or listed on the Charity’s official eBay account. We can collect, list, sell and ship the props worldwide, with all proceeds going to support members and their families in need. Please send us an email with a brief description of your donation and if possible some photos, and we’ll reply to say THANK YOU and work out the details.

“I have enjoyed a wonderful lifetime in magic but have now stopped performing. Donating all my magic to the Benevolent Fund was the perfect way to pass it on and help others. Thanks for all you do” John Southgate MIMC

EBAY Do you or your business use eBay to sell anything? It’s easy to donate up to 100% of the final sales price to support us and you will receive an eBay fee credit too. Choose the donation percentage and The Magic Circle Benevolent Fund when creating your listing and our logo and details will appear in the item description so that people can see that you are supporting us. Then when your item sells, you don’t have to do anything, your donation is automatically processed and sent to us.

Leaving a gift in your will, no matter how big or small, will help us give members and their families who are struggling the support they need, long into the future. There are several kinds of gift you can leave in your will and a range of online resources providing advice. You do not have to tell us if you choose to leave a gift to The Magic Circle Benevolent Fund but if you do, it will help us to plan and we will keep your decision completely confidential. To find out more, contact the Trustees here.
Legacy Gift Enquiry

BECOME A BENEFACTOR Our major donor scheme gives you exclusive use of The Magic Circle Headquarters, London’s most magical venue, for your private event, plus world class entertainment and full hospitality packages for up to 120 guests.

For more details or if you any questions relating to The Magic Circle Benevolent Fund, you may email the Trustees The Magic Circle Benevolent Fund – Benefactor Scheme