Light Sculpture

14 January 2022

This unique light sculpture was presented to The Magic Circle by David Berglas MBE (1926-2023) on the occasion of the opening of this building, which he named the Centre for the Magic Arts, in July 1998. The sculpture originally formed part of the set of Berglas’ 1986 TV show ‘The Mind of David Berglas.’ Simply touching the orb, now more commonly called a plasma ball, creates an eerie effect, blending the wonders of magic and science. Berglas was one of the most influential magicians and mentalists of all time with many top professionals such as David Copperfield, Derren Brown and Dynamo crediting him as their inspiration. Berglas, who was president of the society from 1989 to 1998, was deeply involved in the development of the headquarters. He also oversaw the introduction of women members in 1991.

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