Jeremy Hayward


Professional Magician-Jeremy Hayward


CLOSE-UP MAGICIAN Professional magician Jeremy Hayward is an accomplished Sussex based magician of 17 years who has performed at numerous events throughout London UK and worldwide. Available for weddings, private parties, drinks receptions, corporate hospitality, garden parties, birthdays Specialising in private parties Close up magic is a very popular addition to many social gatherings such as weddings and private engagements. It is adaptable and above all is a fantastic ice-breaker that manages to inject excitement, astonishment and fun into any event. Jeremy has a non obtrusive personality to ensure your guests are entertained in a friendly and polite manner. Jeremy is flexible and can liase with you to your requirements. PARLOUR MAGIC One of only a few Parlour Shows available in the UK Before television radio and wi-fi life was very different. Party hosts would often hire great entertainers to entertain guests in the parlour. Parlour Magic®. Jeremy Hayward's new one show featuring classic magic, sleight of hand, mind-reading, misdirection. An intimate and interactive evening influenced by the great magician's from the past and present. With performances of magic from early Egyptian times to the golden era of the early 1900s of the great parlour magicians. A melting pot of classic and modern magic




“Absolutely fantastic” Sir Paul McCartney