Brendan Patricks

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"Ruth Jones and I were so blown away by Brendan's Magic that we wrote him a part in Gavin & Stacey!" James Corden, BAFTA-Winning Actor & Comedian
"I find him very beguiling." Julian Fellowes, Creator of Downton Abbey

The only Magician to perform at the wrap parties for Harry Potter, Downton Abbey & Gavin & Stacey.

Looks familiar? Brendan is also an actor best known as Evelyn Napier in Downton Abbey and roles in Gentleman Jack, Dr Who, In The Club & C4’s Traitors. He's even performed magic in BAFTA smash Gavin & Stacey and created O2's magic commercial with Dynamo.

He's wowed Oscar winners Renee Zellweger and Sam Mendes. He’s even amazed international celebrities Harry Styles, James Corden, Rosamund Pike & Matt Smith & now, you can book him for your event.

Incredible Magic for Private Parties, Weddings & Corporate Events

  • 16 years of experience.
  • Magic consultant, creating advertising campaigns, for JWT, O2, Trident and Helman’s.
  • Member of Equity, the performer’s union
  • Clients include Sony, Universal, SKY & the BBC. 
  • Venues performed at include The Savoy, The Kingley Club, No. 5 Cavendish Square.

Tell us about your event & Brendan will get back to you quickly with entertainment advice and your quote.

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