Andy Reay

The Clown Prince of Magic



Imagine a world without Magic. A corporate event with bored, unhappy guests or a trade show where nobody knows your name. The finger of blame points at you. Take control and guarantee success, hiring Andy Reay Magician & Master Showman. Because a world without magic isn't worth thinking about. Your magic awaits.,

"Andy Reay is one of my favourite performers to watch and use. He's a master showman, bursting with fun and energy and every performance is a joy as he interacts with his audience. You never quite know what will happen! Just wonderful." Chris Wood, Producer, The Close-Up Show

His unique style and amazing comedy magic has earned him the title of Associate of The Inner Magic Circle with Silver Star, the highest examinable grade within the prestigious Magic Circle. Andy regularly performs magic to public audiences at "The Magic Circle Close-Up Show" and at theatres across the UK in the popular "Close-Up Show".

Everything he does is delivered with great passion and high energy. Andy engages with everyone he meets and entertainment is always guaranteed. He will perform magic just about anywhere at the drop of a hat. Get in touch today and find out how Andy will make your event magical.

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