Kevin Goodwin

Stratford Upon Avon

A Host of Impossibilities


You can expect the classics of magic and mindreading with very modern twists! You’ll experience 'the magic of the mind' which can include using numbers, a pen and paper or just eye contact and body language to tell someone exactly what they are thinking, predict the future or tell someone whether they are lying or telling the truth!




Victoria J Kevin was very professional and baffled many of us with his amazing tricks. He was very attentive and we would highly recommend him to anyone
Les Hardiman Kevin worked his magic at a 80th Birthday party, the age group was 4 to 80-year-olds. Kevin entertained everyone with his table magic and then performed a stunning group show. Excellent entertainment for a mixed age group.
Jennie The Impossible Mr Goodwin entertained the guests at our 30th birthday really well. He was very enthusiastic and did some really good tricks. I would definitely recommend him