Mark Goldthorp

Close-up Magician



As a regular West End performer, Mark is no stranger to the big stage. But he is equally at home in Close-up environment. Mark has taken his magic all over the world. Mark's passion for magic started when his Grandfather made his pocket money disappear and reappear behind his ear. As the years have gone by the pocket money has grown along with his ears! He's never happier than sharing his love of magic.

• Mark currently provides incredible magic for weddings, corporate events & private parties.

• Member of The Magic Circle – a London-based society that exists to uphold and further the art of magic around the world.

• Over a decade of experience performimg close-up magic.

• Has worked as magic consultant for Big the Musical, Victoria Wood's Talent and the RSC. He was also the Illusions assistant on the 2017 recast of Harry Potter and The Cursed Child play in the West End.

• Member of Equity, the performer’s union

• Venues Mark has performed at include The Garrick, Michelle Roux Parliament Square, Zurich and many more. For more information see clients and venues.

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