Jamie Williams is the mind behind popular effects such as Kung Fu Kap , Celebrikey and the hotly anticipated “Sticker Kicker”. Having collaborated with some of the top minds in magic including Roddy McGhie and Matthew Wright , Jamies way of thinking towards magic has been decribed as “uniquely different” and “theres out the box and theres Jamies mindset of who even needs a box”.
Jamies lecture is filled with easy to perform visual effects that he has used in over twenty years of perfecting up in the harsh mountain sides of the most bleak and barren Welsh rugby clubs. Legend has it that Game of Thrones Wildlings were based on his audiences. Jamie has performed all over the world for some of the biggest companies and as a trained actor has also been on some of the biggest shows on TV. James philosophy towards magic is “enjoy it, other wise whats the point” and his love and enthusiasm really shines through in his lecture.
Jamie looks forward to sharing these effects and hopes that you will join him on the night.

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