Video Policy

Members who contribute to The Magic Circle events benefit from the video services provided. Council often receives permission requests to use this official footage, which is usually granted. This policy explains how videos can be used without first seeking permission.

This policy applies to the official videos of Members made at The Magic Circle events, such as lectures and summer school talks. Please note that only the official videographer for the event is permitted to film.

If permission is granted, you may use the video subject to the conditions below:

  • The Magic Circle must not be mentioned when sharing the video or in the advertising of it, including, but not limited to, any associated text or added images. E.g. you may not refer to your ‘Star lecture at The Magic Circle’.
  • The video must not suggest that The Magic Circle endorses your show/lecture/product in any way.

Personal use

You may use the video for personal use as listed below:

  • Showing individuals, including friends, family and clients/agents etc.
  • Promotional material (e.g. show reels, websites)
  • Sharing on social media (including Youtube)
  • Sharing with a group of individuals, provided they are not paying for the video and provided there is no charge for the video itself. This includes sharing the video within an existing group which requires payment to access other materials.

If your planned useage is listed above, you do not need to seek permission from Council. If you are unsure whether your planned usage qualifies as personal, please send details to for assistance.

Commercial use

The cost of videography is absorbed by The Magic Circle, so any commercial use must offset this cost. Note that any use will be subject to the same conditions listed for personal usage above.

If you wish to use your video commercially, please send details to to request permission.


This policy does not apply to non-members, who must request permission from Council for use of footage, by sending details to