Exposure Rule

The Magic Circle Exposure – Ancillary Document


One of the objects of The Magic Circle (see Rule 2.5) is “To oppose the wilful disclosure of magical secrets other than to magicians or bona fide students and historians of magic”.

At the 2018 AGM members approved Council’s proposal to clarify how the second part of that statement is interpreted. This was achieved by the introduction of a new rule 5.12.1 which states that:

“If Council reasonably believes that a Member or Apprentice may:
– have disclosed one or more methods used for achieving magic effects other than in circumstances specifically approved by Council……
…..Council may refer the matter to the Exposure Committee, to a Disciplinary Panel or for mediation”.

This document sets out the ‘circumstances specifically approved by Council’ and was last updated in December 2018 and will be subject to periodic revision

It is worth remembering that this Rule (and all the TMC Rules) only applies to Members. By becoming a Member you agree to abide by the Rules.

Selling Magic Tricks, Books, DVD’s, Downloads, etc.

This is approved provided that:

  • no secret is revealed in the product description pre-purchase
  • the purchaser is expected to “keep the Magician’s Code” and not share the secret

Teaching Magic

The following are approved:

  • Lessons/ courses where participants have individually paid for the lesson/ course
  • Lessons / courses for which participation has been paid and the student is expected to “keep the Magician’s Code” and not share the secrets.
  • Lessons / courses for which participation requires a commitment from the student and is expected to “keep the Magician’s Code” and not share the secrets.
  • Creating online content revealing methods, as long as there is a paywall or the content is not generally available
  • Creating online content revealing methods, as long as there is a requirement to demonstrate magical knowledge before accessing it
  • Other situations where the learner can demonstrate that they are a genuine student and not just curious. This is obviously a judgement call on the part of the TMC member, please only teach secrets to an appropriate level. If in doubt, please ask the Exposure Committee.

These circumstances are also approved:

  • Exposing fraudulent mediums
  • Sucker tricks
  • Carers accompanying members to conventions, magic lectures, magic clubs, etc. Please impress upon your carer the need to keep magical secrets. Please note that some clubs (including TMC) will have their own rules regarding the attendance of non-members. TMC has a carer’s pass scheme – please contact the secretary if you need a non-member carer to accompany you to the TMC HQ.
  • Magic taught to actors essential for their roles in plays, films or tv shows,
  • Magic taught to individuals who will be an assistant to a magician but are not magicians themselves
  • Secrets exposed to theatre or tv technical crew or production team where they have a need to know for the effective or safe execution of an effect.

Scientific Research and Education

Magical secrets may be shared in the context of scientific research and education in certain situations. Please observe the following:

  • The secrets may only be shared with those who are conducting the research or students whose studies require such knowledge
  • The secrets may not be shared in public-facing settings
  • The secrets may only be published in books or papers wholly devoted to the magic-related study.

Case-by-case Approvals

The following circumstances may be approved on a case-by-case basis. Please contact Council if you wish one of these to be considered:

  • Using magic as therapy
  • Exposing gambling scams in the public interest, as long as the scams are not described to the public as “tricks”. Is it possible to show/ explain that it is a scam without revealing the secret?
  • Non-magician editors, photographers, etc, working with authors of magic books
  • Paid magic lessons where a carer or chaperone is not a student of magic themselves

Specific Approved Cases:

  • Breathe Magic