The Magic Circle Collectors Day
5th June 2010
(Open to non-members of The Magic Circle)

This specialist event is aimed at collectors of theatrical memorabilia as is always popular. This year's presentations include:

ANNE DAVENPORT on gems from the John Salisse Archive,
PAUL FREEMAN on Herr Adalbert Frikell (the only Son of Wiljalba Frikell) - His Life and Time in England 1862 to 1889),    
MARCO PUSTERLA on Chefalo: The Forgotten Illusionist,
RICHARD KAUFMAN on Theodore DeLand and his card effects,
NIGEL DUTT Linga Singh on Mu Mysterious Grandfather and
FERGUS ROY on Davenports: A British Institution with some of its Exclusive Tricks presented by ROY DAVENPORT

Coffee will be served from 10.00a.m.
Tickets (including lunch and afternoon tea) £35.00

Available from The Magic Circle box office
Tel: 020 7387 2222

Payment by cheque payable to "The Magic Circle" or by credit card



  Venue Location

12 Stephenson Way,

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