David Copperfield paid £140,000 for Houdini's 'water torture cell'

Ali Bongo Conjures up a profit
Collecting magical artifacts reaches new heights of interest... Interest in the history of illusion has sent values soaring and props once seen as rubbish can fetch thousands of pounds.

The golden era of conjurers began in the mid 19th Century with 'father of magic' Jean Eugene Robert-Houdin. Read More

John Archer’s hilarious act included... swallowing a 1.5 metre-long balloon

In a competition among eight magicians for £1750 in prizes and a prestigious title, John Archer, the well-known comic mind reader and master of amazement, walked off with £1000 and a trophy at The Magic Circle Stage Magician of the Year event held on 12 October.

John Archer's award-winning and hilarious act included naming the word freely chosen by an audience member from among those in three books, turning a drawing of a bowling ball into the real thing, producing lights at his fingertips, and swallowing a 1.5 metre-long balloon.  In second place, with a £500 prize, was Michael Vadini, who magically produced smoke while pretending a spoon was a pipe and magically made water appear in examined bowls.  Finishing third, with a £250 award, was comic pickpocket James Freedman.


A mix of manipulative, patter, speciality, comedy and illusion acts will be competing...

2008 marks the fifth year of the biennial contest to find The Magic Circle Stage Magician of the Year.  The competition is designed to encourage stage, platform and cabaret magic.   Previous winners have been Scott Penrose (2000), Loki (2002), Duncan Trillo (2004), and Romany in 2006.

This year has seen an increased number of entries and heats have been organised to select the finalists who will take to the stage of The Magic Circle Theatre in front of a distinguished panel of judges.  There will be a mix of manipulative, patter, speciality, comedy and illusion acts competing, all hoping to take away the prestigious title and the valuable cash prizes.

This always exciting evening of magic will be held on Sunday 12th October 2008 with curtain up at 6.00pm at The Magic Circle Headquarters.   Tickets at just £16.00 are available from the CMA Box Office, 12 Stephenson Way, London NW1 2HD, or telephone 020 7387 2222 between 10.00 am and 5.00 pm with credit card details at hand.  Seats are limited so early booking is recommended.

You won’t see a finer line-up of UK talent this year.

The right choice according to comments overheard from several of the audience...

Congratulations to the 12 contestants who provided our guest audience with a great show in the Devant Room, whilst members were able to laugh at the inside jokes  as they watched on screen in the Theatre. They were also able to openly compare notes on the differences between the various Jerry O'Connell wallets that were in evidence during the competition! Ambitious cards, cut and restored ropes and cups and balls were as popular as ever. The innovation and variety of presentations proving that these effects are as relevant now, as they ever were.