The Magic Circle have honoured some of the great names in magic, including the Larsen family in the US and the UK’s Simon Drake, at its annual awards ceremony. The format was different this year because of Covid 19 - a special edition of TMC TV, the society’s weekly show hosted on its Facebook page, was streamed on September 1 to its 1,800 members around the world.

The David Devant Award for services to international magic, named after The Magic Circle’s founding president, was presented by its president Noel Britten to the Larsens, the first family of American magicians.
Noel said: “Over four generations they have been responsible for the creation and continuing success of The Magic Castle in Los Angeles, Genii magazine, pioneering television magic shows and many other projects. They live, breathe and love magic unlike any others; the world of magic owes them a great debt. We hope the Devant Award can go a small way to acknowledge just part of the thanks due from the membership of The Magic Circle.”
Milt Larsen

The Maskelyne Award for services to British magic went to Simon Drake MIMC.
Noel said: “Simon’s contributions to British magic are extensive and far reaching. His seminal TV show The Secret Cabaret introduced a whole new generation of magicians through his Grand Guignol presentations…He opened his own venue, Simon Drake’s House of Magic in a secret location in London over 20 years ago and ever since then has been amazing and thrilling audiences.”
Simon Drake

The John Nevil Maskelyne Award for noteworthy contributions to the art or literature of magic was awarded to the American author and published Stephen Minch who has written over 30 books, founded the magic publishers Hermetic Press and edits Gibecière, the specialist magazine.
Noel said: “As a bibliophile, I think ‘noteworthy’ underplays the hugely significant contribution you have made to our art in your extensive and beautiful work in chronicling and capturing many of the leading magicians of our time. The Magic Circle thanks you for the authorship, and in many cases also the printing of these truly important books.”

The Carlton Award for outstanding comedy in magic went to Danny Buckler AIMC.
Noel said: “Mixing comedy and magic has taken Danny around the world with audiences fro Disney cruises to hardened soldiers in war zones. His keen eye, quick wit and esoteric turn of phrase has made him a regular performer at all the the major comedy clubs in England, and a regularly sought-after compere for many shows.”
Danny Buckler

The Cecil Lyle Award for best trick in The Magic Circular went to Tom Elderfield for “Cheesy But Easy” published in November 2019.
Noel said: “Tom is one of the bright new generation of magical minds whose creativity is seen in many of the leading magic TV shows around the world. With a quirky and highly investigative outlook on life, no object is safe from Tom's fertile mind to create original magical ideas with them. Of course ideas are one thing, but Tom has the ability to bring those magical thoughts to life.”
Tom Elderfield

Silver Wands for service to The Magic Circle went to Brian Sibley MIMC, who has just stepped down as chair of the society’s governing Council and Rajan MIMC, who ran the At Homes shows.
Brian Sibley

Here is the list of The Magic Circle Awards 2020

The David Devant Award for services to International Magic: The Larsen Family
The Maskelyne Award for Services to British Magic: Simon Drake MIMC
The John Nevil Maskelyne Award for noteworthy literature: Stephen Minch
The Carlton Award for comedy: Danny Buckler AIMC
Silver Wands for service to The Magic Circle: Brian Sibley MIMC and Rajan MIMC
Cecil Lyle Award - best trick in The Magic Circular: Tom Elderfield AIMC

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