20th September 2017

The Magic Circle Council Elections:

Following the Elections to The Magic Circle Council for the 2017/18 term the results are as follows:

The President, Scott Penrose MIMC, The Secretary, Megan Knowles Bacon AIMC and the Treasurer Mark Lee AIMC were reelected unopposed. For the post of Vice President

Marvin Berglas MIMC 259 votes Richard Pinner MIMC 220 votes

Accordingly, the Chairman declared Marvin Berglas as Vice President under rule 5.4.5

The following ten candidates for Council were declared members of Council under rule 5.4.4 (each shown with the number of votes received):
Lee Hathaway MIMC 404
Brian Sibley MIMC 364
Richard Pinner MIMC 343
Mandy Davis MIMC 340
Darryl Rose MIMC 333
Katherine Rhodes MIMC 330
Kevin Doig MIMC 293
Fay Presto MIMC 279
Andy Clockwise AIMC 227
John Hayns AIMC 219

The following candidates did not receive sufficient votes for Council:
Keith Pain AIMC 165
Marcus Morgan MMC 159

1364 members were eligible to receive ballots of whom 36% voted.

Scott Penrose congratulates Marvin Berglas on his election to the Vice Presidency and expresses the gratitude of Council to outgoing Vice President, Richard Pinner, for his hard work on behalf of The Magic Circle. He also thanks outgoing Chairman and Council Member Alan Maskell MIMC for his long and dedicated service to the Society.

The Magic Circle 12 Stephenson Way London NW1 2HD