The Magic Circle Awards 2017

At a sparkling reception at Centre for The Magic Arts, The Magic Circle presented their annual awards. The winners are:

The David Devant Award for Services to International magic
Silvan MIMC Silvan MIMC
Top Italian illusionist, writer and television personality

The Maskelyne Award for Services to British magic
Debbie McGee MIMC
Debbie achieved national and international fame through television appearances on the Paul Daniels Magic Show and was one of the first women to join The Magic Circle.

The Carlton Award for outstanding comedy in magic
Pete Firman
Best known for his television shows including The Secret World of Magic and Dirty Tricks.

The Cecil Lyle Award for Best Trick Published in The Magic Circular
Barry Cooper AIMC.

The John Nevil Maskelyne Prize for noteworthy contributions to the art or literature of magic.
Ricky Jay - the well known actor, author, consultant and highly acclaimed sleight of hand artist.

Silver Wands - for Service to The Magic Circle
Margaret MacLean AIMC - long serving regional representative of The Magic Circle.
David Weeks MIMC
Many roles within The Magic Circle, most recently Membership Examinations Secretary.

The Gold Medal: Given for exemplary service to the Society or exceptional magical ability both. There have only been nine recipients since it was introduced in 1926 and it was last awarded in 2005

Winner of the tenth medal is Professor Edwin Dawes MIMC
Professor Dawes is a highly respected author, researcher, historian and collector and has made an invaluable contribution to the world of magic and is celebrated with the presentation of this award.

His work is highly regarded in the international magic community due to a combination of its trustworthiness, which derives from his unflagging efforts to seek and cite credible primary source material in his research and publications, and his flair for weaving facts and broad historical perspective with engaging, gracious prose. Consequently, many of Professor Dawes’ works are considered indispensable components of a complete magic reference library.

His column, A Rich Cabinet of Curiosities began in The Magic Circular in 1972 and still appears every month, making him one of the most prolific magical authors. He was also the founder of The Magic Circle’s annual History Day and recipient of many awards from societies around the world.

Scott Penrose, President of The Magic Circle said ‘It is a huge honour to present Professor Dawes with our most coveted award. Our society owes Eddie a huge debt of gratitude for all that he has contributed; such considerable research and knowledge that will be studied and used by many generations to come’

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