Summer School

Welcome to the Summer School! This July and August we’re moving down to the Devant Room for some good old-fashioned show and tell, hands-on, discussions.

Each week there will be two sessions, at 7:15 and 8:15, on a different topic – so come along and share your tips or learn some new ones.

You can also join via Zoom, via the website as normal.

This week the sessions are:

7:15 Press for Magic

Any show needs an audience but how do you get one? Is it worth sending information to local papers, and blog sites? Let’s discuss what has worked and what hasn’t, and discover when and why we get the publicity we need. Bring some press releases or publicity material and we’ll critique and improve them together.

Please bring:     Any press releases you’ve written, publicity that worked.

Facilitated by:   Charlie Burgess

8:15 Wedding Magic

Are you a wedding performer? Do you want to be? Are you just a regular wedding guest, and want to perform a pocket trick or two for your table? Whether you’re a seasoned wedding professional, or have never even heard of a wedding before, you will no doubt have something to offer to anyone who is thinking, or already actively performing magic at weddings, and are bound to go away with a head full of ideas for you to try out.

Please bring:     A good positive attitude, and maybe a trick that fits in your pocket that is NOT a card trick.

Facilitated by:   Liam Ball