Summer School

Welcome to the Summer School! This July and August we’ve moved down to the Devant Room for some good old-fashioned show and tell, hands-on, discussions.

Each week there will be two sessions, at 7:15 and 8:15, on a different topic – so come along and share your tips or learn some new ones.

You can also join via Zoom, via the website as normal.

This week the sessions are:

7:15 Coins for Beginners

Do you have little or no experience with coin magic and are always confused when trying to figure out which gaffs and sleights suit you? Join us for a look at some classic coin magic texts! With a guided tour through the vast array of coin gaffs available you will get an idea which might constitute a good “starter set”, with a hands-on practicing useful palms for coins helpful to those just getting into coin magic. Next, a demonstration of the most prevalent and useful palms for coin magic, as well as some time to practice them together.

Please bring:     Some coins: dollar, half dollar, £2. Any gaffs you already own.

Facilitated by:   John Conway

8: 15 Improv for Magicians

Description:      Improv is a great skill for all magicians to learn and use during their performances. It allows you to give one-off presentations to your audience, that will never be repeated in the same way ever again. Learning the basics of improv is easy, and can enhance your very next performance. Join us for some fun, highly interactive improv games and have fun, all whilst learning a new skill to improv(e) your shows.

Facilitated by:   Gordon Drayson