Summer School

Welcome to the Summer School! This July and August we’ve moved down to the Devant Room for some good old-fashioned show and tell, hands-on, discussions.

Each week there will be two sessions, at 7:15 and 8:15, on a different topic – so come along and share your tips or learn some new ones.

You can also join via Zoom, via the website as normal.

This week the sessions are:

7:15 Magic History & Method

Not just interested in the history of magic but also the heritage element of The Magic Circle or conducting your own historical research? Join The Archivist as he guides us through the historical resources available to us as members: including apparatus, artwork, textiles and paper documents. We’ll discover how to access these resources and do the best research possible in partnership with the heritage team. There will be a discussion of methods of conducting research with primary source materials, before an interactive task of applying those principles to artefacts from TMC’s Archive.

Please bring:     A notebook

Facilitated by:   John Conway

8:15 Magic of India

Fakers, Fakirs, and Jadoowallas: new research from India. British audiences have enjoyed traditional Indian magic for over two centuries, both in India and in the UK, & enjoyed watching white magicians who performed as Indians.

This interactive talk considers Indian magic as a cultural performance art, & explores the lives and stories of the last living performers of traditional Indian magic who struggle to survive in India today. There will also be a performance focused on traditional Indian magic like cups and balls and balls from the mouth.

Facilitated by:   Shreeyash Palshikar