South London Magical Society – 70th Birthday Show

You’re Invited To A Birthday Party!

It’s party time at The Magic Circle… and you’re invited!
The South London Magic Society was founded in 1948 as ‘The London Magic Guild’. It’s still going strong, 75 years later, so naturally we’re having a birthday party! To celebrate, members of the Society are presenting their own special show at the Circle. All are welcome, including guests (provided they are registered in the usual way).
The Society proudly claims to be one of the friendliest magic societies of all. It’s also one with close ties to the Magic Circle. In fact, about 90% of the current membership are also members of the Circle. Over the past three years alone, the Society has helped and encouraged over 15 magicians to achieve their Magic Circle membership.
So, what will you see on the night? It’s going to be an absolutely first-class magic show featuring plenty of variety. The show will include a broad range of magical styles, from dazzling close-up effects to cabaret and stage magic. What’s more, for one night only, the enigmatic ‘Miss Primm’ will grace us with her presence — an act so shrouded in mystery that we can say no more!
This very special evening will also showcase the spellbinding magic photography of Mark Hesketh Jennings, whose brilliant photos are well known to all Circle members.
Come along to the Circle, sign in a guest or two if you want, see your friends and enjoy a top-class magic show in our very own theatre! It promises to be a wonderful night and one that honours the close links between the Magic Circle and all regional clubs and societies. Be part of the celebration and enjoy the party!