Ricardo Rosenkranz, AIMC performs Physician Magician So you want to do a one person show? Let’s talk…

Ricardo Rosenkranz, AIMC is the owner of one of Magic’s newest and most exciting venues, The Rhapsody Theater.
The Rhapsody Theater is a 200+ seat state of the art theater aimed at presenting fully staged long format theatrical magic performances. Having just opened the second season, Ricardo Rosenkranz is producing shows from Zabrecky, David Williamson, Joshua Jay, Andi Gladwin, Jamie Allan, Alexandra Duvivier, Kayla Drescher, Larry Hass and Ross Johnson.

A long-time student and close friend of Eugene Burger, Ricardo is a senior faculty member of the McBride Magic and Mystery School in Las Vegas. He has performed in Penn and Teller’s Fool Us 3 times.
As The Physician Magician, Ricardo has staged highly successful, multiple runs of his own long format show since 2016. Now in his own space, Ricardo just completed the 70th performance of Physician Magician, his latest show.

In this latest visit to TMC HQ Ricardo will perform the entire first act of his show (55 minutes) including the likely participation of his close associate Balsamo. Following the performance Ricardo will lecture on the challenges and charms of creating a successful one person, long format, theatrical magic performance.