Legends – John Styles

Celebrating With Styles!

This is going to be amazing!
The ‘Legends Of Magic’ nights at the Circle are always popular — and with good reason! These interviews are fascinating, surprising and fun, plus they give us all an opportunity to learn from a star of magic sharing literally a lifetime of experience.
Recent ‘Legends’ nights starring Terry Herbert and George Kovari were a delight from start to finish. This time it’s the turn of the wonderfully entertaining John Styles and believe me — you do not want to miss this very special occasion!
John is a highly accomplished magician who was one of very first to have a restaurant residency (at ‘Smollensky’s On The Strand’). He has also worked as a consultant and magical advisor on a range of TV and film projects spanning several decades — which he’ll talk about during the interview. As if that weren’t enough, John is the world’s leading expert on the quintessentially British art of Punch & Judy! He has presented P&J shows all over the world — including places where this form of entertainment was completely unknown. And if all that’s not impressive enough, John was awarded an MBE for his contribution to the Arts!
John will be interviewed on stage by our very own Noel Britten and there will be plenty of stories and video clips to enjoy along the way.
If you’ve been to a ‘Legends’ night before, you’ll know that the atmosphere, in both the clubroom and the theatres, is always lively and enjoyable. We’re all ‘standing on the shoulders of giants’, so to speak, and it’s a privilege to be able to learn from someone who is ‘magical royalty’. Get down to the HQ, have a great evening and let’s make sure John gets the attendance he deserves!

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