Hydra in the Theatre

Our Very Own ‘Open Mic’ Night!

Try out a trick, get feedback, have fun!

Nathan Earl is once again hosting a ‘Hydra’ evening at the Circle. It’s our version of an ‘Open Mic’ night, it’s great fun and anyone can take part.

Here’s the idea. Suppose you’ve got a new trick, routine or idea you’ve been working on. Come along and try it out in front of your Magic Circle peers. They then give you practical, constructive and supportive feedback.

In other words, it’s a safe, supportive space in which to try out new material, far away from public scrutiny, and see if the Magic Circle hive mind can suggest improvements or help you with any problems you have with the trick.

The whole event is hosted and directed by Nathan, who keeps the mood fun, cordial and constructive. Each performer gets about five minutes of performance time, followed by five minutes of comments and feedback.

This is a tremendously useful opportunity for anyone developing a new trick or routine. It’s also great fun, as anyone who remembers the last one will agree! Back in the day, the great Tony Hanscombe used to host these ‘work in progress’ evenings on a regular basis. Nathan Earl has revived the idea and it could well become a regular feature on the club night calendar.

The last ‘Hydra’ event was held in the Devant Room. This one will take place in the Theatre, so anyone relatively new to stage work can learn about stage and mic technique and about working with a typical stage crew.

(There may be a fish and chips supper later in the evening but this is yet to be confirmed.)

Do come along and support this brilliant event. Obviously, the more people who attend, the greater the range and depth of feedback each performer will receive.

Any Apprentice or current member of the Magic Circle can take part. To book your slot, emailNathan Earl: nathanearl@themagiccircle.co.uk