Howard Hamburg – Friendships and Memories

“Friendships and Memories honestly describes why I enjoy sharing with fellow magicians the knowledge I have for this art we refer to as magic,” says Howard Hamburg.

At the conclusion of Blackpool Convention 2016, Howard was asked to present a shortened lecture at The Magic Circle HQ and he said he was elated to accommodate that request. On 29th March 2021 he presented a two and a half hour Zoom lecture for The Magic Circle and now he has been asked to present yet another lecture, which will be on 18th October 2021.

“It was my friend of over 40 years, Johnny Thompson, who originally suggested that I share stories of my relationships and experiences with the greats of magic who I was very fortunate to have close friendships with and interspersed throughout these stories, I would present effects with explanations. Johnny felt that magicians would be especially interested in the stories. Lectures in over 20 countries proved Johnny was correct for after the conclusion of my lectures, attendees would mention to me that for a brief moment they felt they were sitting at the Vernon table at the Magic Castle with Dai Vernon, Charlie Miller, Michael Skinner, Frances Carlyle, Larry Jennings, Bruce Cervon and many other friends of mine. This is very special to me.”

Howard was awarded Lecturer of the Year by The Academy of Magical Arts/Magic Castle and awarded The F.F.F.F. Lou Gallo MVP Award.

“Friendship and Memories” will include something Howard has not shared with members of The Magic Circle before — something interesting and something we will all enjoy.