A Tribute to David Berglas

Hosted by Marvin Berglas
This very special evening will honour and celebrate the legacy of our former President, David Berglas, MBE.
There can’t be any member of the Magic Circle — or indeed, anyone with an interest in magic — who isn’t aware of David’s tremendous contribution to the arts of magic and mentalism. The two main books celebrating his work, ‘The Mind & Magic Of David Berglas’ and ‘The Berglas Effects’, stand as enduring testaments to his unrivalled ingenuity and his peerless ability to forge new ground in strong, baffling and entertaining magic with a psychological theme.
There will contributions on the night from host Marvin Berglas as well as Andy Nyman, Marc Paul, Richard Wiseman, Paul Kieve, Graham Jolley, Laura London, Michael J Fitch and others. Members of the Berglas family will also be in attendance. You can expect stories, memories and videos honouring David’s remarkable life and talents, as well as live performances of some of his most famous routines.
This is going to be a moving and rather poignant evening. However, it will also be one of respect, admiration and celebration as we remember the life and legacy of this giant of the magic world. Guests are welcome provided you register them in advance in the usual way.

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