The Magic Circle headquarters

Membership of The Magic Circle gives you the right to enjoy the facilities of the finest magic club headquarters in the world.

There is the Club Room, with a drinks and refreshments bar, where you can meet and entertain fellow magicians in comfort.

The Library houses over 6,000 magic books for loan or reference and the Museum holds a fascinating collection of magical artefacts and houses the finest collection of posters in the UK, possibly the World.

The beautiful Devant Room is the perfect space for showing the latest tricks and moves to one’s peers. The Magic Circle Theatre offers performers and lecturers an ideal environment to complement their work, supported by an expert team of technicians using the latest hi-tech equipment.

Our exclusive magazine, The Magic Circular

All members receive the acclaimed full colour monthly magazine, the Magic Circular, which provides news, reviews and articles on history, performers and magical effects for members only.

Education and development

Regular lectures by the World’s finest magicians, the opportunity to meet and discuss magic with the world’s finest magicians, and the hands-on tuition provided by the ever-popular Summer School, ensure that you will continue to improve your magical ability.

The Magic Circle Email address

All members are entitled to the use of an official email address.


As a member you have the opportunity to take part in prestigious competitions and attend additional events.

Exclusive online content

The members’ area of the website features exclusive video digests of lectures, shows and competitions that have taken place at the HQ.

You can keep in touch with fellow members via our private, members only Facebook group or the clubroom mailing list and search the membership database for contact details.

You can browse past issues of the Magic Circular magazine and search the library lists for that must-read book and you will be able to access all the latest news and events and even see knowledgeable members talk about artefacts from the museum.

Over the next few months we are also introducing live streaming of lectures and events direct from London to your computer, tablet or phone!

If you have any questions or require further assistance please contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..