a) to abide by and act in accordance with the rules of the Society;

b) not in any way knowingly, or intentionally, to disclose any secret of magic to anyone unless they be magician, and to confine the discussion of effects and secrets originated within the Society to Associates or Members of The Magic Circle, or Affiliated Societies;

c) not to write or publish secrets of magic except in magical magazines or in books devoted entirely to magic; at all times to discourage the public disclosure of magical secrets and lodge information of any such default with the Council;

d) not to copy any original magical ideas, or the original presentation of any magical effect without first having obtained the originator's consent;

e) to use my best endeavours to elevate the Art of Magic, to adhere to the Society's Code of Ethics and to promote the good of the Society;

I fully understand that if in the opinion of the Council of the Society I shall be found guilty of a breach of this obligation, I shall render myself liable to expulsion from the Society. In these circumstances I fully understand that I shall have no claim against the Society for the return of any monies paid by me to the Society in accordance with these Rules.

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