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Don’t rely on first impressions, make lasting ones!
Events should be EVENTFUL!



YOU’RE ORGANISING AN EVENT and of course it’s got to be BETTER and MORE IMPRESSIVE than LAST YEAR! Your to-do list is as long as your arm with deadlines as close as yesterday, and it’s essential everything goes smoothly, runs on time and that clients and guests are relaxed and enjoy the evening. This means keeping guests occupied during the reception so they don’t just turn to the bar for distraction. Then you’ll need to get them seated swiftly so the food can be served on time and the rest of the proceedings don’t fall behind. Of course, you’ll also be coordinating and leasing with a large team of staff and event suppliers whilst overseeing the entire event, knowing that ultimately the responsibility of the success of this event lies on your shoulders. How much EASIER would it be, if it were possible to keep all your guests entertained, relaxed, chatting and laughing rather than just discussing work in their usual cliques by the bar and then to get them seated in a matter of mere moments once dinner is ready? BETTER STILL, wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to keep them seated between courses and before the main event rather than having to chase individuals who have wandered off for a cigarette or back to the bar? Well, that’s EXACTLY what I do. I provide bespoke entertainment suitable for any sized audience and adaptable to all event formats. Imagine, your venue filled with a warm buzzing glow, a chatty and vibrant atmosphere dotted with applause and most importantly lots of laughter. That’s why I am regularly booked to perform for companies such as Moët Hennessey, Mastercard, River Island, The RSPCC, Barclays Bank and the British Law Commission.

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