Tony Steward

Kent, Essex, Herts, London, UK

Tony Steward The Magician


Tony Steward is one of the most talented wedding magicians in the UK, renowned for his amazing magic skills and highly polished performances. His best trick of all is transforming special occasions into magical occasions, leaving hosts and their guests with memories to cherish forever. Tony has won many awards for his close-up technical skills but the best judges of his talents as a performer and entertainer are the countless delighted clients from Kent, Essex, Hertfordshire, London and further afield who have invited him to entertain at their special events. Although Tony's talents reach far beyond wedding day celebrations an he is in big demand for a wide range of other events from birthday parties, exhibitions, retirements and anniversaries to Prom parties, children's parties and corporate events. His clients are agreed on one very important point - his magic skills are amazing. But the testimonials on his website highlight how impressed they are with his professionalism, personality, politeness and a host of other qualities which set him apart.



"The magic was absolutely mind-blowing ... had I not seen it first hand, I’d assume it impossible" Richard and Karla Heighway
"I am so glad we booked you and so happy that our guests loved you so much" Natalie and Bob
"From the bottom of our hearts, we would like to say the biggest ever thank you. We had a fantastic wedding, and you really were an integral part of what made it so great" Cindy and Stuart Scott