Steven Ashby-Howe

Witch & Wizard Parties



Our 2 hour party takes the form of your first lesson in Witchcraft and Wizardry followed by games,competitions and a junior disco. Steve performs as a Wizard Professor complete with lamb chop whiskers and glasses perched on the end of his nose! Luke, our Daniel Radcliffe lookalike, has been voted the best Harry Potter lookalike in the world ..... as seen on Channel 4 comedy series "Lookalikes" ..... so be sure to bring your camera on the big day!

The entertainment includes prizes from the UK Studio Tour and both American theme parks plus the birthday child will receive a Wizard film locations DVD hosted by BBC Click's L.J.Rich which is not available to the public.

Steve and Luke are both professional members of Equity and the Magic Circle.

The magic show can include cameo roles played by your guests! Perhaps your young wizard in training might perform in front of the audience in our potions class! There's even a spot for a brave dad with a great sense of humour to almost have his head chopped off!

If your bank is closed then you can use your credit or debit card for your party. Just call on 0800 118 2851 .... it's free ..... or email us at amazingmagic.com and our Professor will do the rest.