Lewis Joss

Break the ice, get guests talking & create the party atmosphere.

Northamptonshire, UK

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Lewis Joss is an expert ice-breaker, conversationalist and award-winning entertainer who uses magic to enlighten and captivate his audiences.

Lewis started performing magic at the early age of 6 after being taught a few tricks from his Grandfather, he then became very interested in magic and used to ask for magic box sets for Christmas. Lewis then began performing magic to family and friends.

At the age of 10 Lewis joined The Magic Circle’s Youth Initiative, The Young Magicians Club and at the age of just 18 became a Member of The Magic Circle.

Many years later, from experience of hundreds of shows, Lewis now performs all around the world on cruise ships, works with companies to promote their brands and performs for celebrities at private functions.

Lewis has worked on T.V productions with the late Paul Daniels & Debbie McGee, has worked on productions for Channel 5 & Talkback Thames and has worked on an ITV production with And & Dec.

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