John Bulleid

Stylish, engaging & exciting Close up Magic



Since receiving his first 'Marvins Magic' set for Christmas when he was seven, John has been challenged and fascinated by Magic. His long hours of practice have finally been rewarded by becoming an Associate of The Inner Magic Circle, one of only 268  worldwide

His magic skills, gift off the gab and a great ability to hold an audience combine to deliver a flexible routine tailored to the occasion. His act is based around sleight of hand with a focus on card tricks, although traditional sponge ball and coin magic have been mastered and used to great effect. John is also a professional Actor and puts many of his acting skills to good use providing a witty and entertaining slant on this age old profession.

John has held several residencies in hotels, restaurants and cocktail bars as well as performing at numerous weddings, dinners, parties and corporate events. He has also worked as a Magic demonstrator in the world famous toy store Hamleys.


Publicity photo