Gareth Kalyan

Magic - Jokes - Good Hair



Gareth has been a professional magician and actor for the past 15 years, and is one of the most sought after acts with all of the UK's leading entertainment agencies.

His sharp appearance are matched equally by quick wit and humour, and mind-blowing magic; He shows a sense of adaptability which eases the most hardened of skeptics.

Gareth has been invited to entertain for royalty and celebrities at countless events as well many of the worlds largest bluechip companies, so can mingle through hundreds of professionals as well as hold the attention of a table of 10 over dinner.

"The feedback we received on the day was exceptional, Gareth really made an impact, and on me too!" HRH Princess Anne
"I struggled to concentrate on my speech while I thought about the things you had done"David Cameron (Former Prime Minister)
"Oh wow, this is extra-ordinary!" Sir Tim Berners Lee

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