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The magician Alexis Fineltain likes to share his passion with his audience. He is someone who likes to transmit. He likes to make his audience feel magical and positive emotions. Alexis Fineltain is a hypnosis mentalist confirmed and respected magician in the midst of magicians. It is also for these reasons that the largest companies and the most demanding private customers trust him.

Expert in close-up and mentalism, Alexis Fineltain also offers magic and a show of mentalism and hypnosis. This magician offers several magic shows for children and adults. Alexis Fineltain also trained in show hypnosis. He has also created tailor-made tours for companies.

Alexis Fineltain is a member of the European mentalist order that brings together the best mentalists in Europe and around the world. He is part of a "happy few" among French magicians to have integrated the Magic Circle of London! He also speaks English and Spanish. It is one of very rare magicians to have trained in cheating techniques in playing cards, dice.

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