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A cognoscente of the unusual and collector of the curious – book the one man show your guests will never forget!

The Unusualist has been invited to perform his distinctive and hilarious magic worldwide; his clients including international royalty and well-known personalities, with corporate clients including Xerox, Lloyds, Standard Life and Honda.

With three distinct options suitable for any audience or event type:

Personable Performances where audience members sit casually around The Unusualist as he performs shorter, jaw-dropping shows for small groups – or unleash the Party of a Lifetime with The Unusualist’s trademark parlour show; it’s just like hiring a hit West End or Broadway show for an exclusive performance as the audience enjoy an unforgettable, hilarious performance lasting from 45 to 90 minutes.

With 20 years experience working with global organisations, there’s something especially for businesses, too; seamlessly tailored to your conference theme or company values.

Guaranteed to bring the room to life, The Unusualist’s performances carry an air of elegant traditionalism and mystery, which meet with razor-sharp, quick-witted humour that will have your guests laughing until they cry! The result is a unique and memorable style, understandably in demand.

Watch the miracle of live recorded motion and a peek into The Unusualist’s performance, featuring routines and effects unique to him…

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