The Magic of The Magic Circle - Educational visits to our Headquarters

The charity "The Magic Circle Foundation" sponsors educational visits to The Magic Circle. This is in line with the Foundation’s aim to educate and preserve the heritage regarding the history of the magical arts. To that end school events are provided at no charge although only at agreed times. During the visit the doors of our stunning headquarters are opened to children and teachers for a rare opportunity to step inside and experience a variety of activities culminating in a stage presentation on the history of magic.

Dates: By arrangement – (typically a Monday morning)
Times: Doors open at 10.30am, activities begin at 11am and finish at 1pm
Venue: The Magic Circle, 12 Stephenson Way, Euston, NW1 2HD
Cost: Free when attending. (Cancellation fee £6 per pupil)
Target Group: KS1 and KS2
Capacity: 3 classes of 30 children plus accompanying adults
Activities: Close-Up Magic | Museum Tour | Skills Workshop | Theatre Presentation
Lunch: Unfortunately dining space is not available on the premises but Regents Park and the British Library are nearby.

If you feel your school is interested in having this experience and wish to discuss dates, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

"The children had a wonderful time at the magic circle. They enjoyed looking at the artefacts in the museum, learned about the history and some facts during the talks, played some games and most of all, they absolutely loved the close up magic tricks section of the day and the show that Scott did for us. Two of our pupils were chosen to assist on stage and they really enjoyed being part of the show. Thanks for a great visit!"

Bina Thakker, Goldbeaters Primary School

"This really was one of the best school trips I've been on for lots of different reasons. Everything was perfectly pitched. The choice of magic and its links to the past was excellent. Most impressive though throughout was the interaction with the children. The Museum was wonderful to see and also to hear and touch some of the magical props. The workshop let the children feel they had all learnt some tricks without actually teaching them anything too complicated.!"

Rob Earrey, Headteacher, Fitzjohn's Primary School

Links to the curriculum

Obviously Magic has the capacity to link to many areas of the curriculum in a creative and interesting way and makes an engaging topic. Advice from visiting teachers though has been consistent in that extrapolating links to the curriculum is something they prefer to do back at school. Accordingly the Foundation merely aim to provide the experience.