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For new Applications and full member applications you must enter the membership ID of your proposer and seconder. This is printed on their membership cards.

For UK members we offer payment by Direct Debit, either quarterly or annually so please ensure you have your bank details to hand.

We also offer payment by credit or debit card for overseas members and those that would prefer to pay this way.

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You will need to be PROPOSED and SECONDED for admission as a Member of The Magic Circle. These members will need to DECLARE that they have each known you, the candidate, personally for at least one year and that in their opinion you are a fit and proper person to be admitted as a Member of the Society

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*The price you pay is based on where you live and on how old you are and you can see more about our Membership fees here.

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Election is by ballot of the Council of The Magic Circle and this application is accepted on the understanding that, should the candidate not be elected, no reason need be given. Please note, in such circumstances the joining fee of £100 is non-refundable, but your subscription payment will be refunded.

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